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Trouble in Paradise?

Aya Daniels runs away to the Caribbean to reinvent herself after years of heartbreak and finds her way through loneliness, family dysfunction, toxic love, sexual frustration, crippling debt, and low self-esteem. Will Aya ever get it right when so much has gone wrong with love?
Escape to the tropics with this spicy beach read where there is BIG trouble in paradise.

The Wrong Way to Wright

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Caribbean Women’s Contemporary Fiction

Romance that empowers melanated women

For a Limited time only!

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Don't just take our word for it!
Here are what some of our readers have to say:

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“She writes a Caribbean narrative with no apologies.”


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The Wrong Way to WrightD. Adiba
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D. Adiba

Melanated Fiction

D Adiba spent over twenty years interacting with thousands of people working in a variety of industries such as finance, government, hospitality and education. ​D is a well-traveled, avid reader, who loves to explore the unique quirks of dynamic cultures. She has spent the past eleven years refining her craft while living in various countries and looking to be represented by those who support the often-overlooked diverse stories of women of colour.

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